Features Of The Seagull Play

The Seagull is play, primarily dealing with unhappy people. Written in 1895 by Anton Chekhov, it is believed to be one of the most significant plays of the nineteenth century. The play is set in the Russian countryside at the end of the 19th century Let us look at the main features of the Seagull play briefly.

The play focuses on the romantic entanglements and the qualms of a group of writers, artists and actors who have gathered on a lakeside estate in Russia. With each of the tragic characters displaying a personal hurt, the play is considered to be one of theatre’s greatest. Skillfully portraying the fulfillment as well as disappointments of life, all the dramatic elements have been kept off stage, which is quite unlike other plays of that time which were much more melodramatic.

Another of the Seagull play features is that the play tends to focus more on theme and real action. Keeping the audience spellbound by the discussions between artistic and romantic debates, each of the characters of the play are vibrant and full of life. They are complexly successful in keeping the audience engaged throughout the duration of the play. The intermingling of the characters of the play on the stage shows the presence of the strong and distinct cast. The Seagull is considered to be closely related to Shakespeare’s famous tragic play - Hamlet.