Act Four In Seagull Play

Act four in Seagull, by Anton Chekhov occurs in Sorin’s estate house, in the drawing room during the winter two years later. In this Act four in Seagull play, Masha accepted Medvedenko's marriage proposal, and they are now husband and wife. They have a child together, though Masha still nurses an unrequited love for Konstantine. Konstantine, who, it is soon learned, has become a moderately successful writer in this act. In this final act, various characters discuss what has happened in the last two years that have passed.

Act four in Sea-Gull play revealed that Nina lived with Trigorin in Moscow for a time until he deserted her and went back to Arkadina. Meanwhile, Nina never became successful as an actress, and is presently on a tour of the provinces with a small theatre group. As in Seagull – Act 4 Konstantine becomes a moderate gain moderate success in writing and had published some short stories, but is increasingly depressed. Sorin's health is failing, and the people at the estate have telegraphed for Arkadina to come for his final days. However, in Seagull play – Act 4 most of the characters in this play goes to the drawing room to play a game of bingo.

In Act four in Seagull, Konstantine spend most of the time working on his manuscript. Even he doesn’t go to play the game of bingo. He was working on a manuscript at his desk. After the group leaves to eat dinner, Konstantin hears someone at the back door. He is surprised to find Nina, whom he invites inside. Nina narrates about her life over the last two years to Konstantine. Even she started comparing herself to the seagull that Konstantin killed in Act II, then rejects that and says "I am an actress." Moreover, in Act four in Sea-Gull play Nina exclaimed Konstantine that she was forced to tour with a second-rate theatre company after the death of the child she had with Trigorin, but she seems to have a newfound confidence.

Later on in act four in Seagull Konstantine asks with her to stay, but she is in such disharmony that his pleading means nothing. She embraces Konstantin, and leaves. Hopeless Konstantine spends two minutes silently tearing up his manuscripts before leaving the study. The group reenters and returns to the bingo game. There is a sudden gunshot from off-stage, and Dorn goes to investigate. He returns and takes Trigorin aside. Dorn tells Trigorin to somehow get Arkadina away, for Konstantin has just killed himself. And this is how the play ended.