Act One In Seagull Play

The act one in Seagull play takes place on a country estate in Russia, which belongs to Sorin, a former government employee. He is the brother of the famous actress Arkadina, who has come visiting the estate for a brief vacation with her lover, Trigorin. The setting for Seagull - Act 1 is outdoors, by the tranquil countryside, next to a beautiful lake.

In act one in Sea- Gull play, the people staying at Sorin's estate have gathered to see a silly play written and directed by Arkadina's son Konstantin. This play-within-a-play stars Nina, a young girl who lives on a neighboring estate, as the "soul of the world. Arkadina finds the play written by her son both ridiculous and incomprehensible. She laughs at the play, while Konstantin storms off in disgrace.

The act one in Seagull play begins with Masha, strolling along with the poor school teacher named Medvedenko, who is in love with her. However, Masha cannot return his affection, for she loves Sorin’s nephew, Konstantin Treplyov. Konstantin is madly in love with his beautiful neighbor Nina, who is young and lively Nina , ready to perform in Konstantin’s strange, new play, is shown talking about the beautiful surroundings and says that she feels like a seagull. Konstantin professes his love for her; she does not return his adoration.

Konstantin wants to create new forms in dramatic works, which are different from tradition. He despises the old-fashioned forms of Trigorin and Irina. During the act one in Sea- Gull play, Irina , rudely interrupting her son’s play many times, provokes her son to stop the performance altogether and he leaves in an great anger. Nina, who is enamored by Irina and her lover, Trigorin fame, mingles with them, while flattering them all the time. Her parents do not approve of her associating with artists and bohemians.

Only with the exception of Irina’s friend, Dr. Dorn, who reflects upon the positive qualities of her son’s play, the rest of the audience leave. Konstantin is encouraged by the doctor to continue writing. In the Seagull play - Act 1, you will also get to see the play's many romantic triangles.

The schoolteacher Medvedenko is in love with Masha, the daughter of the estate's steward, who is in love with Konstantin. Konstantin is in love with Nina, who is seeking love elsewhere. The love triangle between Medvedenko, Masha, and Treplev is established in the first moments of the play.