Features Of The Seagull Play

The Seagull is hailed as one of the finest productions of Chekov, who has tried to lay maximum emphasis on the characters in Seagull play, rather than the plot. Guiding the delicate flow of the sad tale of shattered dreams and lost hopes, the dying sea gull symbolizes the emptiness of defeat, while stressing the beauty of life in it. Let us take a look at the main characters of Seagull play.

The Seagull play Characters are:

1. Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplev

Konstantin Treplev is Arkadina's only son is one of the play's four main characters of Seagull play. Overshadowed by his successful actress mother and her lover, the writer Trigorin, both of whom are members of the elite Russian intelligentsia and artistic community, he is seen struggling to find his voice as a writer. Impatient, self- defeating and childish, his constant need for love and approval torments him. He is shown to be a dreamer.

2. Irina Nikolayevna Arkadina

Another main character in the Seagull play, Irina is the mother of Treplev and is a renowned Russian actress who stars in magnificent, theatrical plays. She is a member of the intelligentsia and artistic community. Shown to be a selfish mother and doting lover, she is stubborn, vain, stingy, and beautiful.

3. Nina Mikhailovna Zarechnaya

Nina, one of the four main characters of Seagull play, is a nineteen-year-old neighbor of Sorin's estate. Nina's mother died when she was young and the play characters talk about the cruel behavior of Nina's father towards her. Smart, idealistic, and ready to take risks, Nina is a hopeless romantic and is in love with Treplev.

4. Boris Alexeyevich Trigorin

Irina’s lover, Trigorin, is also one of the four main characters in Seagull Play. As an esteemed Russian writer of fiction stories and novels, he is shown as a dutiful lover to Arkadina. But he gets tempted by the youthful beauty, optimism, and flattery of Nina. He is an obsessive- compulsive writer and somewhat aloof to the family.

5. Peter Sorin

Sorin, another of the characters in Seagull play, is the brother of Arkadina and Treplev’s uncle. Working for a government office all hi life, now he is retired to his country farm. He is a patient listener, a confidant, and a compassionate admirer of both his nephew and sister's talents His health is shown to deteriorate during the course of the play. Sorin sees himself in the young Treplev.

6. Masha

Masha, the daughter of Paulina and Shamrayev, the managers of Sorin's farm, is always shown wearing black as she hates her life. Her repressed, unrequited feelings for Treplev torment her and are in a love triangle with Treplev. The poor schoolteacher, Medvedenko who pursues here complicates the situation further.

7. Ilya Afanasyevich Shamrayev

Shamrayev is Masha’s father and husband to Paulina. As the manager of Sorin's farm and household year round, he adores Arkadina's fame. He is always flattering her and listening to her boasts and the details of her life in the theatre, but remaining inattentive and embarrassing to his wife, Paulina.

8. Semyon Semyonovich Medvedenko

Medvedenko, a local schoolteacher who is poor, pursues the melancholy Masha, who is in love with Treplev. He is shown spending most of his time complaining about his poverty. He eventually wins her hand in marriage, out of convenience and a hope of change, not love. As one of the characters in Seagull play, he is shown to be boring.

9. Paulina Andryevna

Another of the Seagull play characters is - Paulina, mother of Masha and the wife of Shamrayev, manages Sorin's estate. With her loveless marriage, she is often embarrassed by her husband’s arguments with the Arkadina. Paulina sees her own misery in her daughter, Masha's unrequited love for Treplev.

Some of the other Seagull characters are:

Yevgeny Sergeyevich Dorn - a doctor.
Semyon Semyonovich Medvedenko - a teacher.
Yakov - A hired workman.
The Cook - A worker on Sorin's estate.
The Maid - A worker on Sorin's estate.
The Watchman - A worker on Sorin's estate who carries a warning stick at night.

The characters of Seagull play are dissatisfied with their lives and are shown to live with incomplete desires. Some desire love, while some desire for more success or artistic genius. No one ever seems to achieve true happiness.