Act Three In Seagull Play

Seagull is a four play act written by the Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov. Basically, the play is about the search of love and the personal tragedies that occur, when the love remains unrequited. The play dramatizes the romantic and artistic conflicts between four characters: the ingenue Nina, the fading actress Irina Arkadina, her son the symbolist playwright Konstantin Treplyov, and the famous middlebrow story writer Trigorin. The Seagull relies upon the ensemble cast of diverse and fully developed characters. Even characters tend to speak in ways that skirts around issues rather than addressing them directly, a dramatic practice known as subtext. Different incidents take place in different acts. The following article shares a brief summary of act 3 in Seagull play. So, read on to know what exactly happened in Seagull – Act 3.

Act 3 in Sea-Gull play takes place inside the estate, on the day when Arkadina and Trigorin have decided to depart. In this act Marsha tells Trigorin, that she has decided to Medvedenko, even though she does not love him. Between the Seagull play Act Three Konstantin also attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head, but the bullet only grazed his skull. He also plans to challenge the novelist to a duel and has been preaching about the need for new art forms, which Boris finds offensively inflexible. He spends the majority of act 3 in Seagull play with his scalp heavily bandaged. However, when Nina enters Marsha speaks of Medvedenko as a poor and not very clever man, but one who loves her. She even tells her that she plans to marry him from pity as much as anything else.

In Seagull play Act Three, when Trigorin enters for breakfast Nina presented him a medallion that shows her devotion to him. They are then interrupted by Madame Arkadina and Sorin, who enter followed by Yakov, who is packing for Trigorin and Irina. Madame Arkadina tells Sorin to look after Konstantine, whom she is leaving behind. A brief argument argument between Arkadina and Sorin, took place in Seagull play Act Three, after which Sorin collapses in grief. However, he is helped off by Medvedenko. Between the acts Konstantin enters and asks his mother to change his bandage.

While changing the bandage Konstantine speak contemptuously of Trigorin and an argument takes place between Kontantine and his mother. When Trigorin reenters, in Seagull – Act 3 Konstantin leaves in tears. Trigorin asks Arkadina if they can stay at the estate. She flatters and persuades him until he agrees to return to Moscow. After she has left, Nina comes to say her final goodbye to Trigorin and to inform him that she is running away to become an actress, against her parents' wishes. They plan to meet again in Moscow. However, these are the incidents that took place in Act 3 in Seagull play.